Our Team
We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of your goals.
Pete is a former school principal, authoring multiple books on leadership and working with individuals and organizations across the globe. He believes in the limitless nature of our potential, insisting that we are all capable of more than we think. As co-founder (with his wife, Mindy) and president of Strive Success Solutions, he has created an avenue for individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations to pursue – and exceed – their goals. Pete’s mantra, “Always strive to be a better you,” is the foundation of everything we do.

Pete Hall

Dynamic Speaker
Quintessential Leader
Executive Mentor
Tactical Strategist
With Chelsea, there’s no resting on your laurels. As a certified spin (indoor cycling) and barre instructor, she has dedicated herself to the art of inspiring others to become their best selves. “Physical fitness is the gateway to overall health and happiness,” she says. And she would know: a former college cheerleader and competitive gymnast, her upbeat personality is almost always accompanied by a gigantic smile. Chelsea’s specialty is to help you discover what it is you truly love, then motivate you to put all you've got into achieving it.

Derek understands better than most the challenges of overcoming obstacles to reach your goals. Successfully beating testicular cancer and consistently reaching the podium in Ironman triathlons takes discipline, resolve, hard work, and supportive relationships – all characteristics he brings to his coaching and mentoring partnerships. Blending amazing inspiration with down-to-earth humility, Derek will saddle-up beside you to nurture and encourage you to tackle anything you've ever wanted to accomplish.

Chelsea Averna

Derek Garcia

Fitness Guru
Life Coach
Relationship Supporter
Inspirational Force

Wellness Machine
Cancer Survivor
Personal Coach
Professional Triathlete
Andre has spent the past four years leading a multi-sectored approach to community development as the Director of The Zone Project in Spokane, WA. With a background in school administration, competitive athletics, and coaching in virtually all arenas, he's an impassioned servant leader, one driven and drawn to support others. An award-winner leader and electric speaker, Andre will help you see the bigger picture, understand what truly drives you, and embolden you to pursue your goals with fervor and tenacity.

In Brooke’s presence, the notion of “team” springs to life. The blood of coaching runs through his very veins: he has led two Australian Baseball League titles and has captured championships at virtually every stop along his personal and professional journey. Owner of a premier lending business and head coach of the Corvallis Knights baseball club, Brooke pours his heart and soul into building a culture of greatness, a commitment to the common goal, and nurturing the relationships essential to achieving success.

Andre Wicks

Brooke Knight

Community Galvanizer
Leadership Expert
Motivational Influence
Dynamic Speaker

Interpersonal Connector
Growth Catalyst
Ultimate Champion