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Keynotes and
Motivational Speeches

Executive and
Leadership Mentoring

Looking to gain that competitive edge during a faculty retreat? Kicking off a new project or initiative? Hosting a conference or gathering? Or just want to infuse some new life into the day-to-day grind? Bring in one of our interactive, electric, inspirational experts to fire up the crowd, to generate positive momentum, and to infuse some optimism for the challenges ahead. We'll work with you to craft a 30-90 minute session that meets your needs, is sensitive to your audience, and in all other ways hits the mark..
The journey can be treacherous, whether you're a veteran leader, transitioning to a new position or team, new to a leadership role, or aspiring for a promotion. Our leadership experts are there, offering the support, mentorship, advice, strategic planning, and partnership to help you get it done. Offering everything from 6-day to 6-month planning cycles, our team will provide the discipline and tactical support so you can execute your plans and experience wild success.

Team-Building for a
Healthy Work Environment

Health, Wellness, and
Life Coaching

Want to get the most out of your team? From professional-development sessions honing on the application of goal-focused, collaborative, interdependent professional relationships to impactful, energizing team-building activities, we've got an array of methods for bringing your team together. Operate as a unit, rather than as a collection of individuals - and let us do the heavy lifting to get you started. Long-range support plans are available for clients desiring enduring positive momentum.
Health and wellness are not to be taken for granted. Modern stressors take many forms and can erode our well-being, effectiveness, and happiness. Want to lose weight? Boost your self-image? Get in better shape? Train for an event of some sort? Strengthen your personal relationships? Our team of supportive coaches help you to achieve your goals and gain a key ingredient: balance. Addressing the mind, the body, and the spirit, you'll marvel at the new you!
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The theory of action that drives our work is simple:

Success results from the hard work, passion, relentlessness, attitude, health, and support we pour into our goals.

If we can provide the coaching, mentorship, support, tools, and strategy that you need, when you need it...then we can dramatically increase the likelihood that you will reach your goals, your ambitions, and your dreams.